Why Clients Hire Us

"We Can Do Better..."

"Our team is functioning OK but we know we could be more. If we can learn to bring the best from one another, even when times are tough, we could be stellar."

"We Care About Our Talent"

"If we invest in our best people and help them bring their A game every day, then they and the whole company will benefit."

"He's one of our best but..."

"Getting some 360 feedback and resolving just one or two issues could shift this leader into the top 1%."

Sample Clients

COO, Pre-Clinical Company

Looking to play a more strategic role and have greater voice on the leadership team.

CEO, Public Company

Focused on increasing trust on the leadership team and generating more robust debate.

CFO, Pre-Clinical Company

Seeking to motivate and drive execution with less of a wake.

CSO, Pre-Clinical Company

Developing more productive relationship with the CEO and creating a stronger science narrative for BD.

Executive Team, Pre-Clinical Company

Working through contentious divisions between the science and G&A sides of the house.

First-Time CEO, Pre-Clinical Company

Focused on how to work with the Board and lead the Executive Team through a troubled period at the company.


Feedback from CEO

“Our success on the manufacturing front was enabled by ____'s leadership and you played such an important role in his development. So we continue to be grateful for your help which is translating into real contributions to our success."

“I feel like you're practically part of the _____ family and can't tell you how much we appreciate the work you've done with some of our very key people.”

Direct Client Comments

“You have done an exceptional job as the coach to this ‘dysfunctional’ team.”

“You were the best facilitator we've ever had--organized, perceptive, direct, focused, good at feeling the moment and guiding the process, sharp instincts. I don’t have anything I'd like you to do better.”

Anonymously Solicited Client Feedback (Reach 360)

“Ali’s authentic approach, together with her insights in organizational dynamics, human relations and life, has totally transformed me - I no longer just do things differently; I am different. I’d recommend Ali to anyone, including those highly driven individuals who may be trapped in the curse of their capable self."

“Unlike a leader who dictates, Ali works alongside people to help them come to their own solutions rather than handing them the answers. She leads by example and is willing to take risks for what she believes in. Superb intellect and always good to talk to. Thoughtful, analytic/reflective, accepting, generous. I would give Ali the highest recommendations.” 

"This past year I had the great privilege of having Ali as a coach. She worked with me to maintain executive presence and centeredness during times of turbulent change in the pharmaceutical arena. What sets Ali apart as a great coach is her ability to cultivate trust -- she created a safe environment in which I could challenge some of my assumptions and try on new, more helpful perspectives. We worked collaboratively to arrive at solutions that just worked." 

"She is careful in her thinking, thorough in gathering and accessing information and sifting through complex problems, seeing multiple perspectives, staying flexible, and staying positive even when no apparent solution has been found. Ali is as smart as they come but it is her levelheadedness that sets her apart." 

Board Member Feedback to Client of GTL

"You are doing an exceptional job - your approach/style in the past 6 months has changed radically - you are clearly now in control and leading both the team and the BOD - keep heading in this direction - your confidence is palpable.”