Coaching & Leadership
Coaching is a rare opportunity to step back as a leader to take stock of where you are, where you are headed, and whether your current path will take you where you want to go. It is a chance to examine your goals, to identify your core strengths and values, and to gain insight into what you can change to be more effective.

GTL Coaching & Consulting helps accomplished, high-potential executives face and overcome the one or two stumbling blocks that limit their potential. Boards seek out C-Suite leaders who are self-aware, think strategically beyond their role, communicate with vision and clarity, connect authentically at all levels of the enterprise, act courageously despite uncertainty, and have the confidence to develop future leaders as good as or better than themselves. Our mission at GTL is to help executives develop across all these domains so they become wiser, fully-rounded leaders who meet their full potential.

How Does GTL Work?
Ali Farquhar, Founding Principal, formed GTL Coaching & Consulting, on the premise that individuals and organizations develop only when they integrate new knowledge and greater understanding: Growth Through Learning.

Ali is a Boston area Executive Coach with a distinctive ability to connect with her clients, challenge in a safe environment, and create the conditions for positive change. Using an effective blend of analytical acumen and warm human intelligence, she helps leaders break down complex management issues and personal challenges into core components that can be addressed and resolved. Her non-judgmental approach and genuine care for her clients frees them to be honest, to try on new perspectives, challenge assumptions, and grow and develop as leaders. Feedback from a variety of stakeholders is combined with clients’ self-assessment and reflection to create a realistic picture of strengths and gaps. Increasing self-awareness, judicious use of strengths, and supported focus on areas of weakness, all improve leaders’ ability to manage themselves, mobilize and engage others, and find greater success in the workplace and beyond.

Team Coaching
Working with teams, Ali helps create group dynamics that allow people to lead and teams to reach agreement. Her dual focus on goals and authentic connection allows Ali to engage leaders on all levels and across all functions in a collaborative quest for win-win solutions.

Training and Facilitation
As a trainer and facilitator, Ali delivers high value learning that connects with participants’ everyday work challenges. The aim of every program is to equip participants with new ways of thinking and new skills that can immediately be applied on the job.

While primarily an individual consultancy, GTL contracts with other coaches and consultants who are experts in their field when the size or scope of a project requires additional resources. GTL works with professionals who share the same standards of quality, ethics, and dedication to client results.