GTL offers a range of services to organizations and to individuals.

Executive Coaching:
GTL contracts with organizations and with individuals for executive coaching services. The typical duration of a full coaching assignment is 6 to 9 months. Shorter, issue-focused assignments are also offered to meet targeted client needs (see below).

Organizational Services:
  • Team coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Overcoming Immunity to Change for teams
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Workshops and training

Other service options:
Short-term thinking partner/coach
  • For managers with a particular issue to resolve
  • For senior executives seeking a sounding board outside the organization
  • For clients who are investigating coaching as a potential longer term commitment
  • Custom timetable

Overcoming Immunity to Change coaching
Executives select one important goal on which they feel at an impasse. GTL leads them through a revealing process to:
  • Clarify the goal
  • Identify the roots of the impasse and gain insight into why progress is blocked
  • Find new ways of viewing and approaching the problem that build capacity and create forward movement
  • Design and implement creative, reality-based solutions
One extended, issue-focused session followed by three to nine coaching sessions depending on the contract.

Assessment and feedback
  • Executives take a battery of assessment tests (leadership profile, personality type, emotional intelligence) to develop self-awareness and understanding
  • GTL interprets the findings and prepares an in-depth feedback report
  • One or two extended feedback and coaching sessions*
*For ethical reasons, GTL includes individualized feedback with all assessments to ensure accurate understanding and interpretation of findings.