Workshops and Training:

Customizable programs are available on the following topics:

Active learning and experiential exercises are a core feature in all GTL programs. A computer simulation designed at INSEAD, France, is offered as part of our Managing Change programs. In a risk-free environment, it replicates the process of implementing a complex new Information System at a corporate subsidiary. It teaches valuable lessons about differing attitudes to innovation, the phases each individual must pass through in the process of accepting and adapting to change, and the tactics best suited to influencing people at different points along the way.

GTL’s “Launch Well” program for global (virtual) teams is a 2 day, face-to-face workshop tailored to specific team needs. Global teams bring together just the right people with just the right mix of skills from disparate locations around the world. Unfortunately, cultural differences often prevent such teams from making use of the diversity that could be their strength. The first part of the “Launch Well” program boosts the cross-cultural competence of all team members and proactively addresses the conflicts that can arise when people with different mindsets and abilities are required to collaborate. In the second part of the program, participants use their new cross-cultural skills to design a shared “central” team culture, with explicit norms around communication, conflict management, and accountability that each member is willing to adopt. Lastly, the team works together to ensure alignment around purpose, goals, deliverables, roles and responsibilities. This 3-pronged “Launch Well” approach primes global teams for success.