Individual Coaching (Click for more details)
Executives seek coaching for a variety of reasons. Common areas of focus include leadership effectiveness, strategic thinking, communication, presence and personal impact, people management, decision-making, team-building, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Executives may be new to their positions and seeking guidance as they settle into their roles; they may be identified as high-potentials but still need to polish certain leadership skills; or they may have solid abilities in some areas but a specific weakness that, unless changed, will seriously jeopardize their future success.

Team Coaching (Click for more details)
Teams exist to produce results. To do so sustainably, they need to balance productivity skills (the ability to set, organize around, and achieve meaningful goals) and positivity skills (the ability to create and maintain positive relationships). Teams look to coaches to help them navigate this delicate balance, to identify the behaviors that serve them and that get in their way, and to create constructive ways of dealing with group conflict. Coaches also help teams find alignment around goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, and design how they work together.

Organizational Development (Click for more details)
Organizational Development consulting helps organizations become more effective over time at achieving their goals. OD consultants help organizations assess the current situation; develop a vision for the future; work through the strategic, cultural, and structural implications of change; and implement the new plan. The aim is not only to bring about change, but to promote organizational learning.

Overcoming Immunity to Change (Click for more details)
When individuals or teams find themselves unable to make progress on a goal, Kegan and Lahey’s Overcoming Immunity to Change provides a powerful methodology for getting them “unstuck”. It is a step-by-step process that leads people to a clear understanding of why they do what they do, and how their underlying assumptions keep them from progress even when they seem committed to action. At the end of the process, participants have a clear handle on how they get in their own way, and practical tools to help them step aside. The process can be used with individuals and with teams to achieve breakthrough change.

Workshops and Training (Click for more details)
GTL offers a range of customizable workshops and training programs dealing with leadership effectiveness, change, and managing across cultures.